Thursday, October 8, 2009

2009 Bass Lake 250

A friend of mine pointed out that my 15 minutes of fame have started. Someone captured some pictures of me on the Bass Lake 250 dual-sport ride over the weekend and posted them here:

It was a great ride! Saturday was a bit dusty, and it was my first ride with using a roll-chart. We started as a group of 4, but were separated within the first 30 minutes. I guess we weren't the only ones a bit confused, as we ended up giving directions to several groups of riders that we encountered along the trail.

Sunday was cold and amazing, with a light snowfall dusting the trees, and an inch or so of fresh powder to keep the trails dust free. Unfortunately, we only completed the first half of the planned ride in the snow. At the time, there was no telling if the storm was going to stay mellow, or turn nasty.